Get To Know The Woman Behind The Camera 📸

My name is Alessia. I was born and raised in North Carolina. Southern belle, A Lucky Libra ,90's baby.

I'm also a Mother of three beautiful children. Im happily married to the love of my life of 13 years. I love reading and writing, and of course photography, which is truly my passion.

My favorite color is pink but I look amazing in red. FYI I love being in front of the camera as much as I enjoy being behind the camera.

I believe in capturing moments as they happen. My style is natural and vibrant. Im self taught with a sincere passion for all things photography! I like beautiful lighting, fresh food, sincere people, and inspiring spaces. Those elements get my creative juices flowing with ease, to name a few.

I use photography as a way to express myself, and to bring out the best in all my subjects. Through constant research for new techniques, attention to lighting, composition, and detail I am always looking for new and creative ways to bring uniqueness into my photography.

Photography came to me at a time when I needed it most – it was like walking right into what I was created to do, only I had no idea that’s what I was heading into at the time. It fit me, my personality, my strengths. It has me constantly thinking, changing, growing and it makes me feel alive to know that tomorrow will never be the same as today.

I firmly believe each person was created to use their specific abilities and passions to bless others, no matter the industry, I am certain this is mine. I went after it full steam, no questions asked, not a shred of a doubt.

It’s who I am, it feeds me, inspires me. Like a good marriage, photography has only made me a better, stronger, more gracious person.

I will never NOT be a photographer, not on any day of my life, not in any moment, not ever.

While I am based in vibrant, Hickory North Carolina, I love to travel for projects and am willing to go around the globe. Lets work!

Behind the Scenes

My name is C'dar

(said cedar), I am a busy mompreneur, mom of three, and I'm also the other half and Business Partner of LLB Photography Studios, where I’m blessed to be able to follow my passion for creating art, videography, and lifelong, meaningful connections with our amazing clients. Newborn posing is my specialty!

Finally I’m a latina woman focused on glowing and growing on this journey we call life. 

My story includes pregnancy loss, sexual abuse and physical abuse as both a child and adult , I am a domestic abuse survivor, but I am not a victim

I am a passionate, sensual, vibrant woman who has embraced her story as it’s created this powerhouse of a soul, I wouldn’t change a single part of my journey!