What is LLB Photography Studios LLC ?

Photography Is my passion I love turning my ideas into beautiful things. I use photography as a way to express myself. Capturing a moment in time isn't just about securing a memory, it can also help you appreciate your life more everyday.

Take it from this mama of three beautiful children whom I like to call my three blessings. I'll never take this thing we call life for granted, because I lost one of my precious babies, my Brayden.

I lost him December 14th 2017 in a tragic car wreck. A woman wasn't paying attention, not a care in the world, and ran a stop sign. My whole life shattered and changed for myself, my husband, and my other two children in literally just seconds. The day I lost my son one of my first, painful thoughts was, " I hope I took a-lot of pictures and videos of him so I can see him forever." Like any other mama with a four year old, I thought I had all the time in the world and many many years to go with my baby boy.

Those four years I had with Brayden and his siblings all together , and us just being a family and being around pure love, and happiness my heart was overjoyed. Those were the best years of my life, making memories and moments together. Those days and pictures I have of Brayden I will cherish forever and ever! So when I really need to see Braydens beautiful smile, or his cute little nose, or his perfect brown curly hair, because of photography I am able to do so I have so many memories to look back on and cherish forever and always ,when I miss him the most!

I don’t “think,” I definitely "KNOW" that my job is so important, I am documenting memories and creating photographs that I know my clients will be so happy to hold in their hands because once someone you love dies, this is literally all you have left, besides the memories embedded in your heart/mind. The photographs I create are little treasures that the client will dig into one day, full of tears, to remember one of their happiest moments.

#LLB #LongliveBrayden

"I love photography. I love imagery. I love what I do."

—Alessia Dennis